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August 7, 2011

Training as a minimalist

Thought that I would buck the trend and approach from a different angle…minimalist training. Not so far off from a mindset based on less-is-better. My runs are calorie intake free…water/ice in a bottle, that's it. Sometimes I'll splurge and take some apple juice w/ ice on one of my 'longer' runs and I think that I might have to try this during races.
I've trained exclusively on a treadmill and EFX for hundred milers…ideal? Not even close. But it's the best that I can do w/ my work 'situation'. However, this two month stretch we are docked in Curacao, NA. Aside from about a 2-2.5 day voyage from here to Barbados starting Sept 13, I will be able to get off the ship and run on land. That's in my little world, quite awesome. However, what has been knocking me on my ass is the heat and humidity. It has rarely deviated from a 40-42 deg C/104-108 deg F humidex. The runs at 05h30 have been just as hot at 18h00, if not worse, because of the humidity blanket. So my max run time so far has been 1h45. This is because I don't have the proper calories to bring (no gels, bars, breads, etc) nor electrolyte drink. I did bring some VEGA Whole Food Optimizer as a post run drink and those have helped immensely. Will this be enough to get me though a tough challenge like Cactus Rose? I think so. I've done races w/ less training I think. It has sure been nice to get some trails in instead of pounding the dreadmill. The trails aren't super technical, the climbs and descents not super long nor steep but there has been some nice terrain quite similar to Hill Country State Park where Cactus Rose is held. No sotol here but still some sort of devil thorny bushes. I think that I just might go throw myself at one on my run after work…just some extra training for the race. ;)
So far my weeks have gone like this:
Monday - OFF
Tuesday - 40 min run in morning, 1h20 run after work
Wed - 40 min run in the morning
Thur - 1h40 run after work
Fri - weights and stretching
Sat - 40 min run in morning, 50 min hill repeats in the afternoon
Sun - spinning/weights in morning, 1h45 - 2h00 run after work

I was thinking about adding one of the MEC/Salomon 5 Peaks races before Cactus Rose. On Oct 15 there is a 12.5km race at the Duntroon Nordic facility that sounds pretty kick ass. Hopefully it won't fill up by the time I get home to rego.

That's about all that is going on…busy at work, running to keep me sane and looking at sites/blogs for the next adventure that I can fit into my sked.