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June 13, 2010

June 7 - 13

Had a really good week of running (well, except for this morning as I think that Fleet Week celebrations last night were a bit too...ahhh...good). Ran a good 38.8 miles (62.5 km), longest weekly total in awhile.

I have noticed, partly I guess from a stride change due to my ankle injury/rehab, that hot spots are surfacing on the outside of my right foot almost to where my toes are. I am striking way too hard I guess in that mid-fore foot area and I've conciously tried to correct mid-stride but the habit is now there. Maybe my foot will adapt to this new foot-fall? I hope as it looks like 100 miles of this may lead to serious problems is the blister department.

Busy week at work ahead, working on our sonar dome. I will most likely do another pedestrian volume, concentrating on quality...something around 36-38 miles. Yesterday's run excitement was partly due to the fabulous weather...finally hit high 70s and this week it should hover around the low-mid 70 mark. Heat but I've never had a problem running in the heat. Bring it on!!!

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