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June 7, 2010

Western States odds

Here's my view on the big track meet. If the reports stick to some kind of cred over the next two weeks, there might be quite a bit of snow over the first thirty miles or so which could even spread the field out a bit more and do some damage to those w/ trophies on the mind. One aspect that I surely hope does not come to fruition is that if the run-off becomes dangerous over the next while, then rafts will once again have to be used to cross the river. The last time I ran the race, in 2005, we had to use the rafts and I sadly missed the feel of crossing the river...such a charm of the journey.

Here's my guess at the top five guys and gals.
  1. Anton Krupicka
  2. Geoff Roes
  3. Hal Koerner
  4. Kilian Jornet Burgada
  5. Nick Lewis
Sneaking in there: Tsuyoshi Kaburaki, Gary Robbins, Jez Bragg (injured), Josh Brimhall, Erik Skaden, Mark Godale, Phil Kochik, Ian Torrence


  1. Devon Crosby-Helms
  2. Anita Ortiz (injured)
  3. Nikki Kimball
  4. Liz Howard (injured)
  5. Tracy Garneau
Sneaking in there: Annette Bednosky, Beverley Anderson-Abbs, Tamsin Anstey, Julie Fingar, Nicola Gildersleeve, Karla Holgers, Meredith Terranova

How will MY day turn out?

Let's put it this least I won't be burnt out from training. ;) My last long run was at a race last August. Yes...LAST AUGUST!!! I also have not run on a trail since March. The tendonitis healing process has gone on a lot longer than I would have liked. I've been through acupuncture, various salves rubbed on the tendon, stride analysis...spending money that I don't quite have. But at least I am at the point where I can run again, not pain-free, but the pain diminishes over time. We'll see if I can make the will be more than an 80% mental effort but I'm going to give it ALL I have. I have a good crew coming to the race. I usually don't partake in these luxuries but this time I am going for broke. More on that later.

I leave the ship in 15 days. In 17 days I leave for the meet. I'm stoked...

Here's the last time I was at the big dance (snow in background).


  1. I've been clicking on your name in comments sections for quite some time only to have it come to a dead end. I was pleasantly surprised to see a brand new blog pop up this evening when I clicked on your name. Yahoo!!! Things just seem right knowing your back in blog land.

    You can scratch the #4 gal from your list, unfortunately. She won't be starting.

    I will see you in Squaw, at Foresthill, AND at the Track. I can even have an ice cold Molsen or Moosehead waiting for you! No pressure at all. Just faith that you can do it. :)

  2. Moogy, bump Tracy Garneau up to your number one spot because she is going to DO it!!!