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June 24, 2011

Endurancelife Ultra Trail South West

One of my friends told me about this race, pretty much starting in her backyard. Looks pretty badass and if I can find the funds to go over, it will be well worth it. It's a little close to Hardrock but since HR has the worst lottery in the ultra-community there is little chance of getting in. Heather is going to take some pics of the course over the next couple of weeks and show me when we go back to Curacao. Can't wait to see them.

My training over the past week is going pretty good. I found a nice daily 18k route starting from my front door. It is all road but for the majority of it there is a gravel shoulder to run on. Did that Wednesday and yesterday did a short 45 min run as it was raining/lightening like a SOB. Going to do that route in about an hour. Tomorrow I want to hit some trails and I think I might have found some conservation areas close by that I can get a good 3-4 hr run in. Have decided to not 'race' next weekend but just enjoy a good long training run.

Good luck to all those racing this weekend...Statesnes, Black Hills or wherever you are. 8)


  1. I dunno. I think WS has the worst lottery. 4 years and no dice. I finally became a 2-time loser and then the rules changes. Doh! If I don't make it through the lottery this December, I'm not certain I'll continue applying.

    Only other option is to quit my job, train like hell, run the elites off the road that are driving to Bandera and hope I can take one of the top 2 spots for an automatic entry. ;o)

    But, yah, HR is pretty tough and will only get tougher because there's another little race in CO during the Summer which is a qualifier that allows a gazillion entrants. There was an 50% increase in HR entrants this past lottery. If you exclude the people that used HR as their qualifier, 93 applicants used LT as their qualifier. The next closest race was Wasatch at 44 applicants. LT represented 51% of the applicants for ALL the qualifier races, sans HR. It's gonna get uglier, unfortunately.

  2. Yeah, I agree Larry. I wish that I had kept an e-mail from Blake (or it might have been Dale) about the 2011 lottery but I was PO'd and trashed it. The number of entrants is going up and it looks like that the forest service folks are NOT going to allow the number of runners to increase. One of my MAJOR beefs w/ the HR lottery is the five-time finisher rule. This year, over 20% of the entrants had auto-entry, and this was for only 125 runners. That's nuts. Give an auto-entry to past winners if you want but leave it a true lottery for everyone else.
    I heard rumours(?) that WS is going to get rid of the 50miler acceptance run and just leave it at 100s.
    Hope to seya soon dude...October if I can swing the money. Give my best to Olga.