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June 26, 2011

the track meet didn't dissappoint

Going to look at everything later today but it looks like the track meet was a smoker. Would love to be a spectator at an event like this, to get a perspective view of the top runners.
Kilian Jornet had an amazing day, even going off course w/ a group of about six, somewhere near Miller's Defeat I think (will check on that later). He ran a consistent race, winning in 15:34. A couple of other noteworthy finishes (EVERYONE that toed the line is a winner in my opinion) are AJW in 16:39 for another top ten and Bryon of iRunFar.
I didn't do too well in my top five picks for the guys:
1. Kilian Jornet
2. Mike Wolfe
3. Nick Clark
4. Jez Bragg
5. Tsuyoshi Kaburaki

Ellie Greenwood had the amazing comeback of the day. From reports of shot quads and hammies at mile 38 to coming back and passing the field in the last few miles, freaking outstanding Ellie! She won in 17:55.

I had the top five gals to a T, except for the order. 8)
1. Ellie Greenwood
2. Kami Semick
3. Nikki Kimball
4. Tracy Garneau
5. Rory Bosio

Thanx to iRunFar for their AMAZING coverage, as usual.

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