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June 1, 2011

has it been THAT long?

Feel's good to be back...on a number of levels. Posting will return in addition to my comeback as a semi-competitive ultrarunner. I used the term "semi-competitive" in a forced cautious tone as I don't know what will happen in the next couple of months. Time and distance will tell.

I haven't posted a thing since pre-Western States last year. This was due to frustration, fear and uncertainty over what happened during the race. I re-tore my achilles running in the snow after Robinson Flat. Enough about that.
Before and after:
(1/2Pint is in the photo with me. She was going to be my pacer after Green Gate. Hopefully I'll get to run w/ her soon. She is an AMAZING runner herself and I have no doubt that she will be running WS one day).

Mandi at Resolution Physiotherapy has done a wonderful job in getting me almost pain-free using IMS techniques. There are still some alignment issues I need to deal with but the flow will return. Before I left for the ship (mid-April) I was successfully going on very short runs. These were about an hour in length about four times a week for about three weeks. I was ready to once again hit the treadmill but the damn thing broke the first week out so I have been TRYING to keep in some semblance of shape on the EFX and bike.

I have Creemore Vertical Challenge on July 2. This will be my first test in almost a year. Super stoked yet that little voice in the back of my head is telling me to remain somewhat cautious. I'm leaning to encorporating a mid-stance and take the first loop slower than usual and then see how my body responds to a good push the second loop.

After that my focus race for the year is Grindstone. Looks like a beast. Bring it.
I would also love to return to Cactus Rose and do the 50 miler. Joe and Joyce put on such amazing events and I just freaking love running in that park. Hopefully I can save enough to afford the trip. Plus I really miss everyone in Texas.

I also purchased, before I left, a pair of Montrail Rogue Racers. Can't wait to give them a go. But I question why they didn't leave in the 'standard' two-eyelet at the end of the tongue so I can tighten up my ankle?

So incredibly happy to be back... wish me luck!


  1. Great to hear that you're back out there. Good luck in your return to racing at Creemore!

  2. Great job keeping your chin up thru all your trials.....looking forward to a positive report on Creemore!!

  3. Thanx Derrick and Jeff...trying to contain my excitement about Creemore.
    Derrick...I need to contact you about getting together for some run? Going to be around late June?

  4. fire me off an email a little closer and would be great to hookup for a run.